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Managerial Accounting (Rio de Janeiro)

Level: Pós Graduação Stricto Sensu
Degree: Mestre em Ciências Contábeis



¬ Prof. Dr. Valcemiro Nossa

PhD in Controllership and Accounting from the University of São Paulo (USP)


Our coordinators are at your disposal for pre-scheduled meetings. Those interested should contact our consultants by phone (27 4009 4425) or e-mail (cursos@fucape.br). 


Others Master‘s Degree


FUCAPE’s Master’s Degree programs are expressly focused on the needs of specific markets and gives priority to practice rather than a purely academic training, without, however, losing the explanatory power of the scientific line. The scientific performance of our master’s degrees programs can be verified by the participation in major scientific events of the field (Master’s in Accounting Sciences and Master’s in Business Administration) as one of the most productive research centers.


The professional master’s degree is a new type of degree expressly focused on the needs of specific markets and gives priority to practice rather than a purely academic training, without, however, losing the explanatory power of the scientific line.



FUCAPE’s Professional Master’s in Accounting Sciences program was conceived based on the cognitive approach of knowledge, i.e., based on the strong relationship between subject and object. The new program has already developed and continues to develop top–level applied research, consistent academic project, qualified faculty resident in the State of Espírito Santo, infrastructure and technical and technologic competence to ensure the development of the program pursuant to the required quality standards.


FUCAPE’s Professional Master’s in Accounting Sciences was recommended by the Scientific Technical Council (CTC) of the Higher Education Co-ordination Agency (CAPES), in a meeting held on December 4 and 5, 2003.


In accordance with the standards in force, the program was evaluated by the CTC in 2010 with top grade (5), being the only professional master’s degree to achieve such grade in the field of accounting.


FUCAPE is accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education by means of Ordinance no. 2.765 of September 6, 2004; thus being authorized to implement the course in a responsible and ethical manner.

Eligible candidates for this program are holders of Bachelor Degrees in Accounting Sciences, Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, Law, and/or executives from small and medium-sized companies holding similar degrees in other fields of knowledge.

The main objective of the Graduate Program in Accounting Sciences is training professionals adapted to the market’s reality and to the current competition scenarios, by associating education, research and professional application. Therefore, professionals with analysis and reflection skills for the development and implementation of new business processes, through the application of quantitative and qualitative techniques, mainly in accounting, management, economics and finances.


Such objective has been implemented and developed based on efficient exchange schemes of the program with non-academic professional sectors related to the areas of the course, through technical and scientific cooperation agreements (CRC/ES, ArceloMittal, CVRD, FDV, FIPECAFI etc.).


The Professional Master’s in Accounting Sciences – Accounting and Controllership Applied to the Public Sector seeks to accommodate management, accounting, legal and economic studies of Public Management, bringing them closer to the management instruments developed in the private sector, through interdisciplinarity.


The program does not follow the traditional lines that focus mainly on the technical and mechanical aspects of public accounting. Thus, it aims at learning the challenges and proposing solutions based on the fundamentals of the New Public Management and its competitive and globalized environment.


Other objective of the program:


(1) train high level researchers, university professors and specialists in Accounting Sciences;


(2) promote advanced and systematic studies in Accounting Sciences with emphasis on Finance, Business and Public Management;


(3) encourage and guide researches, whether individual or in group, in order to contribute to the development of Accounting Sciences and promotion of such scientific and professional knowledge.


The line of research work in Accounting and Controllership Applied to the Public Sector aims at understanding and applying accounting tools, whether in seeking effectiveness in allocation of resources or in accountability.

Apply for the selection process by paying the application fee of R$ 120.00.




Applicants will get the results by e-mail, on the same day of the selection process.





Applicants approved must enroll by the deadline established by the graduate committee; if they fail to enroll by the deadline, their place will be given to the next applicant on the waiting list.


At the time of enrollment, applicants must submit legible copies of the following documents (in case they have not been submitted in the curriculum vitae analysis)

-Identity card

-CPF (taxpayer card)

-Military service certificate (men only);

-Voter registration and latest ballot receipt;

-Bachelor’s degree or statement of course completion;

-Undergraduate program transcripts;

-Two recent 3x4 cm photos

-Payment of the first monthly tuition fee, paid to the financial department.



For more information please contact our consultants via phone (27 4009 4425) or e-mail (cursos@fucape.br). 

For more information please contact the Academic Office at number +55 27 4009 4425.

Scholarship opportunities for the Master’s Degree in Business Administration will be offered pursuant to the release of the announcement by FAPES and/or CAPES. The number of scholarships offered will also be subject to determinations of the announcements.

Duration: Minimum of 18 months and maximum of 30 months.




Core and Elective Subjects: 44 credits

Dissertation: 24 credits



Days and Times:

Option 1: Mondays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., weekly*

Option 2: Mondays and Tuesdays, from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., weekly*


Class availability will depend on the choice made by the majority of students.


*Changes in class dates may occur due to bank holidays and faculty availability.


Number of places available: 19 places for the entire Master’s Degree in Business Administration program, distributed among all fields of study.






Enrollment (R$)


(Enrollment + installments) (R$)


Amount (R$)

Total (R$)

Enrollment + 30 installments






Enrollment + 20 installments






Enrollment + 10 installments






Enrollment + 5 installments






3 installments (including enrollment)






2 installments (including enrollment)






Lump sum payment








Other payment conditions should be formally proposed and submitted to the finance board.




For more information about funding click on Scholarships and Funding.



For more information about the program contact our consultants via phone (27 4009 4425) or e-mail (cursos@fucape.br).