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  • FUCAPE Business School is part of the select group of 25 Brazilian higher education institutions that scored 5 (highest score) in the 2011 General Index of Courses (IGC), according to the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). In this group, FUCAPE is ranked in 10th place, while holding the 1st place in the state of Espírito Santo.


  • The Economics program of FUCAPE Business School was awarded the highest score (5) in March 2011, following on the heels of the Business Administration and Global Accounting programs, which also got highest scores in 2010 and 2008, respectively.


  • FUCAPE obtained the highest score in MEC’s Institutional Assessment carried out in 2011 – score 5. Few institutions in the country have achieved this score, which makes FUCAPE one of the best higher education institutions in Brazil.


  • The article The impact of labor and tax regulations on investments in Brazil, written by FUCAPE student Renata Cardoso Ferrete and Professor Bruno Funchal, was recognized as the best paper on Finance in the 2010 ANPAD Meeting.


  • FUCAPE finished in 1st place in the Fourth Conference of Anpcont, being recognized as the most productive program of the event, with 19 papers approved.


  • The institution is featured in one of the world’s most comprehensive rankings in economics, developed by the Department of Economics of the University of Connecticut (2010), where FUCAPE appears in 7th place among the top 25 education institutions in Brazil (excluding the Central Bank).


  • The University of Connecticut also provides a ranking of the world’s best authors in economics, in which FUCAPE is also represented by Prof. Arilton Teixeira (20th place - 2010). Professors Bruno Funchal and Wagner Piazza Gaglianone are also listed among the best Brazilian authors.


  • 1st place in IAAER ANPCONT (3rd) International Accounting Conference - ANPCONT (2009) as the most productive graduate program of the event for the second consecutive year.


  • Best graduate extension program in Brazil (Voce S/A - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 to 2010). The specialized graduate extension programs in Controllership and Finance offered by FUCAPE Business School are among the best in Brazil for the sixth consecutive year. FUCAPE’s graduate extension program confirmed its excellence in Finance in a survey carried out with entrepreneurs, executives, course coordinators, and students across Brazil, being featured among the best in the country and ahead of other large institutions.


  • The electronic scientific journal published by FUCAPE, the Brazilian Business Review – BBR, is ranked A2 in the Qualis evaluation system.


  • 2nd place in the ANPAD Meeting (2003 to 2008). The ANPAD Meeting (EnANPAD) is the biggest scientific event in business administration in the country, and FUCAPE has been one of the most productive research centers for several consecutive years.


  • 2nd place in the USP Conference for Controllership and Accounting (2003 to 2008). In this conference FUCAPE stood out in the national scenario with its scientific productions from faculty and students.


  • According to a survey presented in the 2006 edition by Geraldo Alemandro from UNIMONTES, two of our directors appear among the eight most productive authors in the publications evaluated. Additionally, FUCAPE was also recognized as the most productive private education institution in Brazil. Such recognition was established based on the analysis of the number of publications by each institution in the annals of major events and scientific journals of the country.


  • In 2012, FUCAPE Business School was the only private higher education institution from the state of Espírito Santo to appear in the “Ranking Universitário Folha” (RUF), created by Datafolha. The institution obtained the fourth place in the ranking by field of knowledge, in its category of social and applied sciences.


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