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What makes FUCAPE unique


FUCAPE Business School has many distinctive features, in addition to being the best higher education institution in the state of Espírito Santo and one of the top 10 in Brazil according to MEC/IGC/2011.


Distinctive features of our Undergraduate Programs (Business Administration, Global Accounting, and Economics)


1) Curricular integration - programs are offered based on integration of knowledge of the business area. The subjects are jointly taught in the basic program (first two years of the course), while the specific subjects of each area of expertise (Business Administration, Global Accounting, and Economics) are taught in the last two years.


1.1) Program change before completion of the basic program stage – students can choose another program at the end of two years of study, changing their degree based on the understanding of the business area acquired in the first semesters of the program.


1.2) Double Degree - as the first two years of study are common to the three programs, students can obtain two degrees in five years and a half. In four years they complete the first degree and then have the option to pursue the second degree in a year and a half.


2) Career Internationalization - after completing the basic program, the student may choose to undertake an academic exchange at California International Business University. After one semester in the US, students who return to Brazil and complete the program at FUCAPE will have their degree recognized both in Brazil and in the US.



Other distinctive features of FUCAPE


Scholarship programs - FUCAPE has two undergraduate scholarship programs. In the FUCAPE Program for Research Incentive we offer scholarships to the first five applicants who score over 75% in the admission exam. The Scholarship Program based on Performance offers full-tuition scholarship to the best student of each class in each semester.


Government scholarship programs and student loans - FUCAPE accepts students from the governmental programs “Prouni” and “Nossa Bolsa”; the school is also accredited by the FIES student loan program.


Market Relations Center - this center was created to bring students and alumni closer to the job market. It promotes various activities, such as the Channel of Opportunities, which presents internship and job opportunities to students. 


Continuing Education | Graduate Programs - FUCAPE has a broad range of graduate degrees, so that undergraduate students can plan their academic life considering the choices of enrolling in specialized graduate extension courses, master’s or PhD programs.


PhD professors available to students - one of the major concerns of FUCAPE is having a team of highly qualified professors available to students and working exclusively in our institution, so that they can develop scientific research and knowledge. Our faculty is constituted of professors who hold PhD (70%) and Master’s (30%) degrees.


The most updated business library in the state - FUCAPE’s library has an important collection of books and journals, which are continuously updated. It also has access to the main national and international databases.


FUCAPE Student Enterprise - Fucape Business School students can take part in Fucape’s Student Enterprise, developing consulting activities under the supervision of professors.


FUCAPE Fund for Investments and Holdings - This project allocates funds to implement business plans created by FUCAPE students, assigning up to R$ 100,000 to the best business plan developed by students.


Contact our consultants and learn more about FUCAPE. We are at your disposal to show our campus and to schedule a visit with the coordinators. Call 27 4009 4425 or send a message to cursos@fucape.br.



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