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Created in 2000, the FUCAPE Business School was born already mature by relying on the experience of professionals of an institution that has been active in the field of academic research for 25 years.


Fucape is known for supporting innovative concepts and developing them in the programs offered, namely: PhD in Accounting and Business Administration, Professional and Academic Master’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration (recognized by the Higher Education Coordination Agency (CAPES), of the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC)); specialized extension courses in Management, Accounting, Controllership and Finance (elected for six consecutive years as one of the top graduate extension programs in Brazil by Você S/A magazine - 2005 to 2010); and Bachelor’s Degrees in Global Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics.


FUCAPE Business School is featured in the select group of 25 Brazilian higher education institutions that have achieved a score of 5 (highest) in the 2011 General Index of Courses (IGC), according to the MEC’s classification. In this group, FUCAPE is ranked in 10th place, while holding 1st place in the state of Espírito Santo. In the last institutional assessment carried out by the MEC, FUCAPE obtained the highest score, placing the school among the best institutions in Brazil. With its PhD program in Accounting and Business Administration approved, FUCAPE is now consolidated as a fully comprehensive institution, whose educational activities range from BSc to PhD degrees.


Following a direction opposite to that adopted by most higher education institutions, FUCAPE first created its Master’s Degree in Accounting, which ensured one of its most distinguishing features: a faculty constituted mainly of professors holding PhDs. Later the graduate specialization programs were created, followed by the Global Accounting Undergraduate Program, the first of its kind in Brazil, designed in accordance with the United Nations’ guidelines. The recognition of the Master’s Degree in Business Administration has broadened its field of action and contributed to the training of professionals in areas such as people management, marketing, and finance.


The top-ranked programs in Business Administration, Global Accounting, and Economics constitute the FUCAPE Business School. The purpose of this project was to create a business school of international standard with focus on the integration of contents of this field of knowledge.


After 10 years, FUCAPE has become a nationally and internationally renowned teaching and research center.



Projects that bring us closer to our goals:

  • Basic program courses for the three undergraduate degrees offered by the institution: Business Administration, Global Accounting and Economics. The purpose is to provide sound knowledge foundations in the business area, which are essential to all the programs.
  • Implementation of the global accounting curriculum – a different curriculum for accounting, based on UN guidelines. The methodology of this program has already been presented in a meeting with accounting experts from the UN.
  • Academic Excellence Award [Prêmio Excelência Acadêmica], formerly known as “Prof. Eliseu Martins” Award, in its 10th edition – an award given to the best papers in the country, resulting in full-tuition scholarships for a master’s degree at FUCAPE.
  • BBR – Brazilian Business Review – bilingual electronic scientific journal of international standard;
  • FUCAPE Program for Research Incentive – offers grants and undergraduate research scholarships to the top-ranked students in the admission exam;
  • Scholarship Program based on Performance – scholarship offered to the best students of each class for one semester;
  • FUCAPE Fund – investment fund promoted by the institution to enable the implementation of the best investment projects created by undergraduate students;
  • Competency Mapping Project– a project that aims at identifying the main characteristics of undergraduate students, and providing vocational guidance;
  • FUCAPE Symposium of Scientific Production (9 editions) – presentation of academic papers and lectures on business-related subjects;

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