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Library Registration

The faculty, students, and employees of FUCAPE may register as users of the library borrowing services.



The Library’s collection is composed of books, journals, academic papers, theses, dissertations, dictionaries, guides, yearbooks, CDs, among other items.


Services Provided

  • Bibliographic Guidance

Information on the use of bibliographic databases, location of publications, handling of reference works, and presentation of academic papers.

  • Bibliographic Search

Preparation of bibliographic survey through CD-ROM and online databases.

  • Bibliographic Exchange (COMUT)

Access to copies of articles and journals, dissertations, theses, and patents from other institutions (in Brazil or abroad) that are not found in the library collection.

  • Suggestion of Titles/Complaints

Users may recommend titles to be purchased. Suggestions or complaints should be sent to the e-mail address  biblioteca@fucape.br

  • Borrowing Policy

User Category

Number of items

Borrowing Period


up to 10 items

7 days

Undergraduate and MBA students

up to 3 items

7 days

Master’s degree students

up to 5 items

7 days

PhD students

up to 5 items

7 days


up to 3 items

7 days

  • Renewal

Renewal can be done with the borrowing service in person, by phone or e-mail. Renewal is allowed as many time as needed, provided that there is no reservation for the item.

  • Reservation

Reservations can be placed if there are no copies available at the library. Once returned, reserved items remain available for the user who reserved it for 48 hours.

  • Penalties

Readers are responsible for the borrowed items and have the obligation to return them within the deadline. Failure to do so will subject them to the following penalties:

1.     fine of R$ 1.00 per day of delay, including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, for each item borrowed.

2.     users who have delayed items or debts due to fines or material lost or damaged will not be allowed to borrow or make reservations.


  • Library Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Saturdays: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.





      I.        FUCAPE’s library is not responsible for property left in the library.


     II.        Drinking or eating is strictly prohibited in the library.


    III.        Conversation is strictly prohibited in the individual study area (study carrels).


    IV.        All users may enter FUCAPE’s library to search the collection in business hours. The academic community of FUCAPE, however, has priority for use of the library’s facilities, collection and services.


     V.        For being an environment where silence is essential, those who are studying in the library should keep their phones in silent mode. The use of mobile phones in the library is also prohibited, except for text messaging.


    VI.        Users must show to the library staff all materials (books, magazines, CDs etc.) that are taken from the shelves into the library for study or to make copies.


There are specific rules for the use of different areas within the library. Please contact the library staff before using such areas.

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