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FUCAPE: The best business school in Espírito Santo attains 8th position in the national ranking according to the Ministry of Education.


The institution is the only one in ES with the highest possible score in the assessment for four straight years


Once again, FUCAPE Business School received the maximum score (5) in the General Course Index (IGC), announced on Friday (December 6, 2013) by the Anísio Teixeira National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (INEP). Besides this, it holds eighth place in the national rankings by the Ministry of Education (MEC).


Throughout Brazil, 2,171 colleges, universities and university centers were assessed by the MEC and only 23 institutions (1.1%) attained the maximum score, a group that FUCAPE is proud to be part of.


According to the school’s president, Arilton Teixeira, “we are proud to put Espírito Santo on the map of outstanding teaching in the country. This achievement reflects the efforts of a team that works united and motivated, composed of teachers and support staff, as well as a select group of high-caliber students.”


The next school from the state in the ranking is in 19th position, showing the superiority of FUCAPE in teaching excellence in Espírito Santo. Besides this, FUCAPE placed higher than nationally recognized institutions like UNICAMP, IME and UFMG.


The institution relies on a solid team, formed by the best renowned faculty in ES. More than 80% hold doctoral degrees, with a high level of specialization as well as strong participation in the market. They work focused on educational excellence and set goals whose achievement reflects the efforts of the students, teachers and staff.


FUCAPE Business School is an institution from Espírito Santo with international quality. Besides teaching excellence, it is a research center that is nationally and internationally recognized. The result is received with honor in name of all citizens of the state!


Click here to access the result of the IGC 2012 at the INEP portal: http://portal.inep.gov.br/indice-geral-de-cursos.




http://www.fucape.br/downloads/national ranking.png

STATE Ranking:

http://www.fucape.br/downloads/national ranking.png


Economics Course of FUCAPE is the country’s fourth best

The result of the National Student Performance Exam (Enade) for 2012 indicated the Economics Course of FUCAPE is the fourth best in Brazil, tied with the University of Brasília (UNB). Only eight schools in the country received the maximum score of the 185 schools with economics major programs analyzed.


About the IGC 2012

The IGC is an indicator of the quality of higher learning institutions that considers the quality of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs according to the score on the National Student Performance Exam (Enade) along with the separate ratings of the undergraduate and graduate programs.


Specifically for undergraduate programs, the CPC (preliminary course ranking) is used, while for graduate programs, the score assigned by the Office to Improve University Personnel (CAPES) of the MEC is used. The final result is expressed in continuous values (from 0 to 500) and in ranges (from 1 to 5). The overall institutional assessment is one of the components of the National System to Assess Higher Education (Sinaes), under the auspices of the MEC, for the purpose of improving the quality of higher education in Brazil.


There are two steps in the evaluation: a self-evaluation by the Internal Assessment Committee (CPA) and an external assessment by committees designated by INEP/MEC. FUCAPE obtained outstanding scores in all five categories, which cover the institutional mission, development plan, teaching policies, social responsibility and human resources policies for professors, researchers and administrative staff.



Founded 13 years ago, FUCAPE is respected nationally and internationally for its teaching and research.


Combining teaching of general theory with the most important current topics in the corporate world, FUCAPE works with the same model as business schools in other countries, such as the Harvard and London Business Schools. For this purpose, the institution invests in integration of the areas of global accounting, business administration and economics, to turn out graduates with a well-rounded education, ready to face the challenges of today’s job market.


FUCAPE also stands out for the academic articles published by its professors and students in leading national and international periodicals and their participation at events in Brazil and abroad. It makes available a library collection that is rigorously updated.


The policy is to encourage contact of students with real-world situations in the area of business, with multidisciplinary scope. By following this policy, FUCAPE has consolidated its position as a benchmark in business schools in Brazil, offering degrees at all levels, from bachelor’s to doctorates.

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