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Mathematical Statistics

Bickel, Peter J.; Doksum, Kjell A.
A classic, time-honored introduction to the theory and practice of statistics modeling and inference revised to reflect the changing focus of Statistics and the mathematics background of today's students. Coverage begins with the more general nonparametric point of view and then looks at parametric models as submodels of the nonparametric ones which can be described smoothly by Euclidean parameters. Although some computational issues are discussed, this is very much a book on theory. A second volume treating more advanced topics is in preparation.

An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Larsen, Richard J.; Marx, Morris L.
Noted for its integration of real-world data and case studies, this text offers sound coverage of the theoretical aspects of mathematical statistics. The authors demonstrate how and when to use statistical methods, while reinforcing the calculus that students have mastered in previous courses. Throughout the Fifth Edition, the authors have added and updated examples and case studies, while also refining existing features that show a clear path from theory to practice.CourseSmart textbooks do not include any media or print supplements that come packaged with the bound book.

Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Hogg, Robert V.; McKean, Joseph W.; Craig, Allen T.
This classic book retains its outstanding ongoing features and continues to provide readers with excellent background material necessary for a successful understanding of mathematical statistics. Chapter topics cover classical statistical inference procedures in estimation and testing, and an in-depth treatment of sufficiency and testing theory?including uniformly most powerful tests and likelihood ratios. Many illustrative examples and exercises enhance the presentation of material throughout the book. For a more complete understanding of mathematical statistics.

Introduction to probability Theory and Statistical
Larson, Harold J.
Discusses probability theory and to many methods used in problems of statistical inference. The Third Edition features material on descriptive statistics. Cramer-Rao bounds for variance of estimators, two-sample inference procedures, bivariate normal probability law, F-Distribution, and the analysis of variance and non-parametric procedures. Contains numerous practical examples and exercises.

Probability and Statistical Inference
Hogg, Robert V.; Tanis, Elliot A.
Written by two leading statisticians, this applied introduction to the mathematics of probability and statistics emphasizes the existence of variation in almost every process, and how the study of probability and statistics helps us understand this variation. Designed for students with a background in calculus, this book continues to reinforce basic mathematical concepts with numerous real-world examples and applications to illustrate the relevance of key concepts.

Economics of Accounting ? Volume II: Performance
Christensen, Peter O. ; Feltham, Gerald A.
This book provides an integrated, technical exposition of key concepts in agency theory, with particular emphasis on analyses of the economic consequences of the characteristics of contractible performance measures, such as accounting reports. It is not a survey of the literature, but provides a succinct source for learning the fundamentals of the economics of incentives. While there is an emphasis on information issues of interest to accounting researchers, it is also relevant to researchers in economics, finance, management science, and other disciplines who are interested in the economics of management incentives.

Economics of Accounting ? Volume I: Information in
Christensen, Peter O. ; Feltham, Gerald A.
Economics of Accounting: Information in Markets examines the fundamentals of a variety of economic analyses of the decision-facilitating and decision-influencing roles of information that are pertinent to the study of the economic impact of accounting. While much of information economic analysis makes no explicit reference to accounting, many generic results apply to accounting reports. Furthermore, the impact of accounting reports depends on the other information received by the economy's participants. Hence, it is essential that accounting researchers have a broad understanding of the impact of publicly reported information within settings in which there are multiple sources of public and private information.The focus in this volume is on the decision-facilitating role of information, with emphasis on the impact of public and private information on the equilibria and investor welfare in capital and product markets.

Handbook of Consumer Psychology
Haugtvedt, Curtis P.; Herr, Paul M.; Kardes, Frank R
This new handbook, sponsored by the Society for Consumer Psychology, contains a series of original contributions in which top researchers in each area provide a succinct review of theory and research studies in consumer psychology and marketing, advertising and consumer behavior. Top scholars who have contributed to this handbook outline what they see as the major challenges and future research that is needed in their fields.